Welcome to my comprehensive suite of medical writing services, where I provide dedicated support for your research papers and reviews of the literature. With a wealth of scientific writing experience and a commitment to excellence, you can trust me as your resource for all your medical communication needs. My unique strength lies in seeing the big picture and connecting the dots, drawing from a broad background in the pharmaceutical industry, medicine, and health economic. Explore the services below to discover how I can elevate the impact and clarity of your medical content

Articles for peer-reviewed journals

I specialize in crafting manuscripts for publication from scratch, work based on outlines, clinical data analyses, systematic literature reviews (SLR) reports, health economic (HEOR) and health technology assessment (HTA) reports, and more

I excel in creating visual elements, leveraging my proficiency in using Photoshop as a photographer

My expertise extends to formatting for manuscript submissions to targeted journals and composing accompanying cover letters

I am also adept at handling re-submissions and addressing reviewers’ comments

Systematic and targeted literature reviews

I specialize in identifying gaps in the literature through comprehensive gap analysis

My skills extend to creating search strings, executing literature searches, and extracting data from identified articles

I excel in crafting solicited reviews, systematic literature review papers, and narrative reviews

I am proficient in organizing references, utilizing tools such as EndNote for efficient management

Manuscript reviews

I offer manuscript reviews, providing guidance on improvement and delivering peer-review reports in the format stipulated by peer-reviewed journals


I provide support throughout the planning and submission process for publication, including selecting appropriate target journals and managing correspondence with the chosen journal